Join us on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 10:00 AM PST for:

Municipal Responsibilities – Inspection Requirements & The Importance of Keeping Records

Alan Kavanaugh, Director of Loss Control & Risk Management, Noratek Solutions Inc.

Municipal Responsibilities. What are they? How do we prove we are continually meeting them?

Alan will discuss effective risk management strategies including:

  • Municipal – Codes, Standards, and Regulations
  • Municipal Related Liability Issues (Sources for Inspection)
  • Inspections (Needs) – Playgrounds & Sports Fields (Recreational Locations)
  • Inspections (Needs) – Facilities
  • How to Use Checklists to Improve Record-keeping

He will provide examples that all local governments can relate to – including playgrounds, sports fields, facilities, and other related issues.

Alan will also touch on the requirements for policy and procedural development in regards to good risk management practices when it comes to developing a system that will not only minimize injuries but minimize exposures to local governments.

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