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Learning Objective:

Safe Work Procedures during COVID-19 Epidemic

COVID-19 (2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic is revealing the lack of preparation we have provided for dealing with a crisis that nobody expected or thought would happen. There have been lots of communication through the years discussing potential “outbreaks”. To name a few – scientific studies, books, movies, documentaries, predictions, etc.

Covid-19The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that there are many “potential” areas of concern out there where a good, solid Emergency Response Plan could really help us right now. We have plans for many potential catastrophes and events, including earthquakes, flooding, windstorms, tornados, fires, unauthorized access into buildings, armed access into buildings, and lockdowns, but we had no plans in place to discuss how we will react in the event of a major flu epidemic.

We have been involved with many of the school districts and municipalities in the province already in regards to helping them develop COVID-19 procedures for school and building access & operations, maintenance access & operations, as well as school and building cleaning procedures, processes and practices. We are working with them, researching procedures and documentation, and helping them to develop policies and procedures.

Requirements & Controls for Maintenance Staff

  • Limit one worker per vehicle when possible
  • Dash and steering wheel should be cleaned prior to use
  • Lunch room at office should remain closed – utilize vehicles and other non-common areas for
    breaks and lunches
  • When arriving to work, do not congregate in common areas – move directly to vehicle when
  • When possible, contact your supervisor/manager by phone rather than in person
  • Check emails at least daily for new information and additional guidance
  • If two people are required for a task, maintain 2 meters distance (if not practicable, wash hands
    after task is complete)
  • Hand washing and sanitizer should be accessible to all workers and frequent use is promoted
  • Daily cleaning/disinfectant routines should be established for all surfaces that are touched often

Requirements & Controls for Custodial Staff

  • Utilize rubber/nitrile gloves when cleaning
  • Perform additional cleaning in areas as directed by supervisor/manager
  • Stagger breaks to reduce congregation
  • Plan cleaning to maintain 2 meters distance from others
  • Wash hands immediately after removing and disposing of gloves
  • If running low on any supplies, let your supervisor/manager know as soon as possible

Requirements & Controls for Essential Workers & Staff

  • Review hand washing practices with any students required to attend classrooms
  • Watch for potential signs of illness in students
  • Plan class activities that promote social distancing
  • Notify Administrator of areas worked in during a shift (if outside of designated areas)

Emergency Response (Ongoing & Future) Planning

  • When time allows, review existing emergency response planning
  • Utilize information and experiences taking place to help develop procedures to mitigate the influence of pandemics in the future
  • Discuss and communicate needs and plans to others within your organization
  • Utilize government, municipal, hospital authorities and school-based resources

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