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A park inspector using CityReporter's mobile software to conduct a playground inspection
CityReporter Software Solutions & Services

Reduces inefficiencies by at least 50%

With dedicated software modules for every department, you can ensure a more efficient and accurate process across your city – with detailed records at your fingertips.

With our customizable and mobile-friendly software, local governments can:

A web browser showing streamlined communication
Streamline workflow
A web browser showing productivity time
Maximize productivity
A inspector using a mobile device to conduct consistent inspections
Ensure consistency
CityReporter's solutions that eliminates the need for siloed software in cities
One App for all your needs
Maintenance software that is customizable and eliminates the need for paper inspections

Personalize Processes &

with a custom form builder for
flexibility and efficiency.

Engagement Portals connecting employees and citizens

Streamline Communications

through work orders, automated
notifications, & integrated citizen
self-service portals

Optimizing Maintenance Management & Service

Computer browser showing CityReporter's solutions.
A bar graph showing growth in data

Simplify Asset

by accumulating information for
accurate documentation and
comprehensive reporting

A map showing a GPS location of an inspection

Search & Manage

through GIS mapping to easily locate any maintenance or inspection requirements

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