Optimize Your Asset Management

CityReporter’s asset management software empowers municipalities and organizations to effortlessly document, oversee, and monitor an extensive range of assets, all while maximizing efficiency with minimal resources.

A city administrator using CityReporter software to develop reports
Comprehensive Documentation & Reporting

Start making Well-Informed Decisions

CityReporter Software is the ultimate solution for efficient and streamlined asset tracking and organization. Explore how our innovative software simplifies the task of managing your assets, helping you save time and money.

With advanced features and user-friendly functionality, our software empowers you to effortlessly monitor and optimize your valuable resources at your fingertips. With CityReporter’s flexibility and customizability, you can ensure all your necessary information is efficiently collected and documented for life-cycle budgeting and planning.

Effortlessly generate comprehensive reports from the extensive historical data collected from thousands of assets. With just a few clicks, dive deep into the insights and analytics derived from the data at your fingertips and gain a holistic understanding of your assets’ performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your strategic planning.

A city administrator using CityReporter to manage operations
User-Friendly & Resourceful

Easily Manage Assets with Visual Organization

Transform the way you handle your asset management operations with the seamless integration of CityReporter’s GIS mapping feature. Experience the power of effortlessly managing and visually tracking every mobile, linear, or point asset at your fingertips.

With our easy-to-use solution, take control of your assets like never before and unlock insights that drive your business towards unprecedented success. With CityReporter’s asset and GIS mapping features, anyone can effortlessly manage them, eliminating the need for additional human resources and putting advanced technology right at your fingertips.

Find out how to effortlessly meet local and national regulatory requirements by using CityReporter.