Roads & Highways Inspection, Management & Tracking Software

CityReporter’s innovative roads maintenance software allows crews to efficiently manage and track their assets and areas through a streamlined workflow.

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Effective Live Tracking

View and manage vehicles and event with GIS

Harness the power of CityReporter’s Assets & Mapping components to effortlessly monitor the whereabouts of your mobile devices and vehicles. Seamlessly manage, track, and locate any mobile asset with ease.

Experience the cutting-edge live mapping process of CityReporter, providing you with real-time tracking of all your road maintenance vehicles. From the direction of travel to speed, plow up/down, and other vital information, our comprehensive tracking features have got you covered.

Stay one step ahead during snow events and road patrols by monitoring them in real time with our innovative color-coded mapping system. Effortlessly visualize travel patterns and track the completion of plowing and sanding, all while recording every critical data point for future reference and streamlined reporting.

A city administrator using CityReporters live vehicle tracking and scheduling software
Efficient & Streamlined Processes

One app to effectively manage work crews

Road maintenance crews face the challenge of managing numerous assets, which requires conducting safety, maintenance, and compliance inspections with efficient record-keeping. This results in a significant investment of staff working hours and endless paperwork.

Enhance your operations with CityReporter’s Road Maintenance solutions, which seamlessly streamline workflows for more effective asset and location inspection, management, and tracking.

Improve services and response with advanced features, including live vehicle and event tracking, customizable mobile inspections, digital time sheets, and seamless communication portals. With our comprehensive software, you can revolutionize your road maintenance practices and eliminate the burdensome and time-consuming tasks.

Handle Field & Administrative Crews Tasks
A tablet with a pencil on it
Gain flexibility with customizable forms to fit your workflow
A bar graph showing growth in data
Streamline work orders and communication
Engagement Portals connecting employees and citizens
View and manage mobile, linear, and point assets with GIS
A map showing a GPS location of an inspection
Track weather event operations live and provide documented cycle analysis
Comprehensive Mobile Solutions

Effective inspection & work order management

CityReporter Software offers a comprehensive solution for streamlining inspections and managing work orders effortlessly. The software is compatible with smartphones and tablets, allowing inspections to be completed quickly and efficiently from anywhere. The best part is, our software does not require a mobile data connection, ensuring uninterrupted inspections. Once reports are filed, they seamlessly upload to the cloud as soon as your device regains coverage.

Our software simplifies work order assignment directly from inspection reports, ensuring a smooth workflow. Users receive email notifications with important details for easy task management. They can assign labor, equipment, materials, and more, creating comprehensive records.

Discover the power of CityReporter Software and revolutionize your road inspections and maintenance processes.

A highway with asset management mapped out digitally

Find out how to effortlessly meet local and national regulatory requirements by using CityReporter.