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The perfect software solution to keep your buildings safe for students, staff and others, ensure you are meeting all your code and regulation requirements, and uphold safety and fire code standards in all primary, secondary, and post-secondary education institutions.

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Meets Short- and Long-Term Planning Requirements

Comprehensive Reporting For Safer Schools

Schools are used for many things, education, community halls, after-school programs and many other activities. CityReporter provides a school inspection program designed to meet your short and long-term needs and develop plans for ongoing and future updates.

Areas that need to be inspected and inspection forms we provide:

  • Facility inspections –Including Fire Code inspection requirements, fire protection system inspections, fire & emergency response planning and many others
  • Playgrounds
  • Exterior facility features including sports fields, parking lots, sidewalks, walkways, stairs, steps and handrails
  • Hazardous operations – IA shops, science Labs, Maker labs and others
  • Safety program inspections, work order systems and many, many others
Streamline facility inspections

We focus on important aspects of a building’s safety and risk mitigation based programs. Develop an inspection system that meets your needs in regard to building safety as well as code and regulation requirements and recommended practices.

With our code & loss prevention based professionals on staff we are able to help keep you up to date on all changes that could affect your school inspection management system

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Recording past inspections
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Prioritizing inspections according to need
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Allowing comprehensive reporting including full concern description and photos
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Color-coding tasks according to the urgency
Always Up to Date

Comprehensive Reporting For Safer Schools

The real value comes from the way our school inspection software helps departments streamline maintenance and repair processes.

Forms based on CPSC recommendations and ASTM standards are easy to use and include pre-prepared general documents, which are also customizable to suit individual needs.

CityReporter’s automatic updates to code and regulation requirements keep inspection teams up to date with current safety requirements, eliminating time wasted on outdated forms.

Keeping inspection forms up to date on the standard requirements ensures consistent reporting, and therefore verifies safety for students both in school and on the playground.

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Customizable Forms

Incorporate Specific Inspection Solutions

With complete inspection documentation ensures, inspectors are aware of the location and specifics of any hazardous materials, verifying regular check-ins on safety, storage, or disposal of chemicals.

CityReporter’s customizable forms make logging specific inspection solutions quick and easy. Inspectors can note the specific locations of science labs or chemical storage within the app, and attach any necessary photos.

Staying aware of and tracking the proper storage of any potentially hazardous materials when undergoing safety inspections is crucial to the overall well-being of students, faculty, and staff.

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Find out how CityReporter can help uphold safety and fire code standards in your educational institutions.