DepartmentPro: Empowering Small Local Government Departments

CityReporter’s DepartmentPro Package is tailored for municipalities with populations under 20,000, offering comprehensive packaged solutions for streamlined communication and efficient work order maintenance management.

Get More for Less

Tailored for Smaller Municipalities

The DepartmentPro Package by CityReporter is a game-changer for small municipalities with populations under 20,000, providing them with access to user-friendly municipal software solutions at an affordable price point. This comprehensive package is specifically designed to empower these communities by offering tools that enhance inspections and simplify work order maintenance management. By tailoring the software to the unique needs of smaller populations, CityReporter ensures that even municipalities with limited resources can benefit from cutting-edge technology. This initiative not only facilitates more efficient city operations but also contributes to the overall growth and development of these smaller communities, enabling them to thrive in the digital age without compromising their budget constraints.

City employees using CityReporter to conduct an audit to manage city assets

What’s Included

Elevate municipal efficiency with CityReporter’s DepartmentPro Suite, offering a reduced price with savings up to 31%.

User-friendly Municipal Software

Effortlessly meet regulatory requirements with user-friendly software that tracks, records, and maintains your specific inspection and work order needs.

Efficient & Optimized Workflow

Improve and modernize your department’s processes and communication with our inspection and work order suite of solutions at your fingertips.

Hands-on Training & Support

We are here to help – our dedicated Client Support Team provides complimentary online training and continuous support.

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