Efficient and Easy to Use Inspection, Management and Tracking Software with an Integrated Online Portal

Effortlessly meet local and national regulatory requirements with user-friendly software that tracks, records, and maintains your specific inspection, work order and asset tracking requirements. Including a portal with integrated payment processing for your citizens.

Further, with our new Citizen Concern Portal, you can keep track of your incoming requests efficiently and seamlessly. This portal can be set up to generate Work Order requests that can be assigned to users and tracked to completion.

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Understanding Public Works Role: Effective Operations Management for Emergencies

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Rich History

Instant Access to Full Record History

Keeping track of a full record of past inspections, work orders, and assets can be difficult, especially when there are multiple people on the job over time. There’s a higher probability of lost or wasted time and resources.

The full record of history available within CityReporter software provides instant access to reports for anyone from any location, making jobs and day-to-day tasks much easier.

Easy access to all information means a faster process, quicker solutions to problems, a decrease in overlooked sites, and better customer service.

Simple to Set Up, Simple to Use

Full-Scale Documentation At Your Fingertips

CityReporter’s inspection, management and tracking software comes with a wide range of stock forms to speed up inspections at any location. You can also easily customize any list to your exact inspection or work order/task needs.

By creating an easy paperless solution housed within the CityReporter software, more time is freed up to focus on your endless task list.

Past information is easily accessible for cross-reference, making initial and repeat inspections, asset reviews or work orders quick and easy.

Office buildings
Conference Venues
Pool Inspection
Ice rinks
Work Orders
Ongoing Maintenance
Citizen Concerns
Road Maintenance Sidewalks
Water & Sewage Systems
Parking Lots
Stationary Assets
Vehicles & Equipment
Staff & Devices
Visual Organization

Rich Imagery Inclusion for Pre-and Post-Work Documentation

CityReporter automatically attaches user-friendly buttons and symbols to pre-and post-work tasks that are color-coded helping you quickly identify what is needed and how urgently.

Additionally, each task has a spot for comments and notes, eliminating guesswork.

Color-coded tasks make prioritization easy. Images attached within a report immediately draw your attention to what is needed, maximizing workflow and productivity.

Find out how to effortlessly meet local and national regulatory requirements by using CityReporter.