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Welcome to our collection of success stories, where you can read about the results that our clients have achieved through using CityReporter. From highly improved efficiency to increased safety, our software has helped local governments and other organizations like yours to achieve their goals and streamline their operations. Browse through our customer success stories to see how CityReporter can help you too.


Park Operations Manager - Management Consulting

We were facing a significant challenge with managing all of the different types of inspections required in our parks, playgrounds and trails. This was having a negative effect on our operations by not getting enough inspections done which resulted in problems not being resolved in a timely manner. When we discovered City Reporter, the staff were very knowledgeable and immediately helpful with our situation. We saw significant improvements right away and, after three years as a customer, we have seen continuous improvements in our overall workflow efficiency.

I know you can assign areas to certain staff members, I just was never able to figure it out correctly.

Reasons for Choosing CityReporter
“Met the needs of the Association”

Patrick W.
Park Operations Manager
Management Consulting

Being able to track staff real time on their inspections and turning around faults for repair or maintenance was important.

- Patrick W., Park Operations Manager

Owner/Operator - Taylor Risk Solutions Ltd - Sask

I am the owner operator of Taylor Risk Solutions a Risk Management Firm located in Saskatchewan, Canada.

In our business, the need to provide timely reports is critical and the platform that City Reporter provided checked all the boxes. The tablet-based platform allows us to gather the necessary information, generate a professional report, with 90% of the report completed when we leave the client’s place of business. This not only meets the needs of our clients, but also provides a strong return on our investment.

When we discovered CityReporter, the staff were very knowledgeable and immediately helpful with our situation. We saw the value right away. When I made the move and started my company, one of the first tasks was to reach out to Noratek Solutions and begin the process of purchasing CityReporter to perform my risk evaluations and inspections. The whole purchasing process was quick and easy, while still being very detailed and informative.

Whenever I require support, I can reach out directly to my Account Executive or Nortek’s support line and the issue or problem I am having is resolved quickly and most times in the same day.

I would highly recommend CityReporter.

Doug Taylor
President & CEO
Taylor Risk Solutions Inc.

Executive Director - Missouri Propane Safety Commission - Jefferson City, MO

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy we have been that we made the change to City Reporter software for our state propane inspection program.  We have been up and running for about 2 months now and have found people at CityReporter to be great to work with and extremely helpful to help us tailor the software to our operation.

Over the years I have worked with several software developers and am well pleased with how your group has worked to help us “after the sale”. The process of changing software providers is never a simple thing, but Noratek has worked very hard to make it as painless as possible.

Please pass along my thanks to all your staff.

Senior Project Manager - Hamilton, Ontario

The Department of Environmental Services in Hamilton, Ontario, uses CityReporter to inspect 271 playground sites.

Seven inspectors, who run CityReporter on Apple Ipad Air tablet computers, have been using the system since 2017.

“We made the switch from paper because we needed to standardize the inspection process,” said senior project manager Caleb Gibbons. “We also wanted to ensure our inspection process was consistent, for accountability.”

Environmental Services had found its former paper-based reporting system to be unwieldy and inefficient.

“Reporting on completions for key performance indicators was nearly impossible,” said Gibbons. “And bringing up past inspections for potential litigation purposes was very difficult.”

Today Hamilton has improved accountability and customer service, and can show when a site was last inspected and what the inspector had found.

“We can track all of the inspections we’ve made and what faults were found, report on repairs that have been made and the replacements are being planned,” Gibbons said.

Regional Manager - Capilano Highways, BC

“Everything is working great since the last update. I find the system very user friendly. Changing forms to make them fit my needs was very simple you don’t have to be a computer geek to use City Reporter. All our foremen use the system and took less than 15 minutes to train and since most of them still have trouble with cell phones that was very impressive.”

Mike Becker
Regional Manager
Capilano Highways, BC

Park Warden - Regional District of Central Okanagan, BC

Solid reporting app and great service

“We use the Cityreporter app to do our playground inspections and have found it to be a valuable tool. It is very easy to use and has quickly been mastered by those staff who have limited experience when it comes to technology. The customer service we have received right from training to ongoing support has also been fantastic.”

Blaise Laveay
Park Warden
Regional District of Central Okanagan, BC

Facilities Foreman - City of Garden Grove, CA

Great Park Inspection Software

“If your tired of filling out papers while performing park inspections, then this is the program for you. It’s much easier (and a time saver) to complete your inspections with the phone app. The questions can be customized to fit your particular need and you can attach photos if needed. The learning curve is very easy with A! customer support. Make sure you upload data only when connected to a WIFI . The program works well on my small smart phone screen but a larger screen or tablet would cut down on scrolling. I’ve used the program for over a year and love it.”

Albert Eurs
Facilities Foreman
City of Garden Grove, CA

Fire Inspector - Town of Gander, NL

“Everything is going good with the program. I find it very easy to use and it is working for me. I posted on social media that we have a new inspection program and there are a couple of fire departments on the island who contacted me. I gave them the info so maybe you will hear from them soon. Again thank you for all your help and I really enjoy using the program.”

Addison Quilty, CFI – 1
Fire Inspector / Emergency Planning Co-ordinator / Assistant Deputy Fire Chief
Town of Gander, NL

Parks & Facilities Superintendent - District of Lake Country, BC

More than Inspection Software

“City Reporter has been a huge asset to our small Facilities department. It has forced us to do inspections on sites that have been over looked in the past. The ease of use by the inspector and ability to track deficiencies is great. The customer service has been great always there when we have had any issues. Being able to customize the inspections is one of the best features. It took us a while to be able to dedicate the time to set up initially but after that its been great.”

Shaun Lesowski
Parks & Facilities Superintendent
District of Lake Country, BC

Quality Control Manager - Yellowhead Road & Bridge, Prince George, BC

“Very easy to use and excellent support!”

Monte Shipmaker
Quality Control Manager
Yellowhead Road & Bridge, Prince George, BC

Superintendent of Parks & Recreation - City of Seaford, DE

“My department has been using CityReporter for several months now. Customer service has always been prompt and helpful, and when we did the free trial they made sure that we got the most out of it. The program has totally streamlined how we do our parks inspections, and has made it much easier for the parks coordinator to communicate any issues to me so we can respond quickly and efficiently.”

Natalie Wilson
Superintendent of Parks & Recreation
City of Seaford, DE

Parks & Recreation - Town of Tillsonburg, ON

Parks and sports fields

“This is a very fast an easy way to keep track of your day to day tasks as well as any problems u have along the way! Great for monthly checks and reports for any type of job. From large scale to small towns it’s a handy tool for supervisors and directors in any municipality.”

Dave Phillips
Parks & Recreation
Town of Tillsonburg, ON

Park Use & Sports Field Manager - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Time Saver For Park Inspections

“Before City Reporter, staff was doing paper inspections that sometime got lost, or not done on a timely basis. Staff is able to use a tablet or their smart phone to do the inspections. With City Reporter, Management has been able to track the inspections, create punch list and verify completion of repairs and schedule maintenance as needed.

The Operations Manager receives a weekly fault report to generate work orders.

Be sure to take the time during set up on the back side to make sure you have included all the different assets that you wanting to track.”

Patrick White
Park Use & Sports Field Manager
Rancho Santa Margarita Landscape & Recreation Corp (SAMLARC)
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Director of Community Services - City of Colton, CA

Very Useful Application

“This application has allowed our city to compose checklists and maintain records for the safety inspections of playground equipment in our parks. The checklists are easy to use and include pre-prepared general documents, which are customizable to suit our needs. The documents are easy to read and manipulate as needed, and the application works easily from both the office, as well as in the field with handheld devices. The product is reasonably priced and the customer support is excellent. We have been using the product for several years now, and we are very satisfied!”

Bill Smith
Director of Community Services
City of Colton, CA

Chief Building Official - City of Arnprior, ON

“I thank you for asking for my input and keep up the great work in the continuing development in your product. I would never want to go back to paper reporting after using CityReporter.”

Jacques Benoit
Chief Building Official
City of Arnprior, ON

Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds - Frankfort Park District, IL

“ParkReporter has increased efficiency by eliminating multiple inspection binders with often illegible documentation and replacing them with easy to use software. The cloud storage provides peace of mind that our records are securely stored and available to us at any time.”

Bob Johnson
Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds
Frankfort Park District, IL

Event & Program Supervisor - Anderson Mill Limited District, TX

“We like going digital because it is extreme nice to have all of our reports at the click of a button!  They don’t get lost.  They don’t get misplaced.  And they are available when you need them, where you need them.”

Greg Williams
Event & Program Supervisor
Anderson Mill Limited District, TX

Department of Recreation & Community Services - Town of Hay River, NWT

“We have used the Noratek, Facility and park reporter inspection program for two years now and have found it increased our ability to manage a wide range of assets in an efficient and timely manner. It has also eliminated the ever growing amount of paper that requires storing and cataloguing. The support team has been extremely patient and valuable.”

Kim Tybring
Department of Recreation & Community Services
Town of Hay River, NWT

Park Foreman - Sandwich Park District, IL

“We reduced our inspection time by 50%. Thank god we don’t have to touch any more paper!”

Bill Novicki
Park Foreman
Sandwich Park District, IL

Director of Parks & Planning - Elk Grove Park District, IL

Park Inspection Software

“City Reporter park inspection software has streamlined our playground inspections. Staff no longer use paper inspections, and because it’s so easy to use it has made it a lot easier for staff to stay organized and keep up with the inspections. Thank you City Reporter for a great product!”

Ben Curcio
Director of Parks & Planning
Elk Grove Park District, IL

Park operations manager - Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department, Gainesville, Florida.

“The City has an extensive and well-used park system,” he said. “It’s one of the reasons why people enjoy living in Gainesville. Because they love their parks, they want them to be well looked after and that repairs are made as soon as they are needed.”

Although Gainesville has been using CityReporter for only one year, the parks operation division has already benefited from it.

“The results have been positive and instantaneous,” said Weber. “We are better organized and more accurate in our record-keeping than ever before. And we’re more efficient because everything we need is right at our fingertips.”

Weber says the park operations administration team learned quickly how to use CityReporter on their Android tablets.

“It wasn’t difficult at all, even for those staff who had no previous experience with computers, cell phones or other digital technology,” he said.

Weber says another benefit of using CityReporter, in addition to ease of use,  is that the inspections team is more in tune with the conditions of the playgrounds and the other facilities, and they know right away which ones require attention.

In the old days of paper-based inspections, the park operations team took photos only when they encountered equipment problems that had to be discussed with manufacturers. 

But now, taking photos of equipment and playground and facility problems with their tablets is easy and uncomplicated.

“CityReporter enables our inspectors to put their photos in order of priority that needs attention,” said Weber.

Superintendent of Facility Services - Schaumburg Park District, IL

“We had been looking for a program to log our Park Ranger security activities and everything we found was heavily law enforcement oriented and very expensive. After several conversations with the staff at Noratek we tried a 90 day demo which worked out extremely well (we actually bought the system after 45 days). It was easy to use in the field which made staff training a snap. Because of the excel formatting we can create reports and trend data quickly and easily. The support that we receive from Noratek is top notch and second to none.”

Doug Kettel
Superintendent of Facility Services
Schaumburg Park District, IL

Building Official - City of Colville, WA

“The City of Colville Building and Planning Department has had the pleasure of working with the CityReporter software for about a year and it has been a wonderful experience. In the past our permitting proccess was slow and ineffective. Working with CityReporter has made permitting a breeze and keeps our department organized and effective.

The value of this software is displayed not only in the price , but also in the time and resources saved due to its efficiency. We admire the level of customer service offered by Noratek and we are impressed with the open communication regarding software updates. We look forward to continuing work with Noratek and benefiting from the always-improving CityReporter software.”

Dave Harper
Building Official

Project Manager

East Tennessee Mechanical Contractors

Executive Director

Missouri Propane Gas Commission

Quality Manager

Emil Anderson Maintenance

Customer Relationship and Services Manager

McCormick Place Convention Center

Chief Financial Officer

District of Vanderhoof

Deputy Fire Chief

Moose Jaw, SK

Executive Director

Jefferson City, MO

Safety Codes Officer

Town of Olds, AB

Parks Supervisor

City of Campbell River, BC

Dir. of Development Services

City of Castlegar, BC

Dir. of Community Services

City of Colton, CA

Parks Crew Supervisor

City of Lafayette, CO

Technological Services Manager

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Operations Manager

Premium Pellet Ltd., Vanderhoof, BC

Approvals Officer

Village of Radium Hot Springs, BC

Administrative Support Supervisor

Wauconda Park District, IL

Systems Administrator

Yellowhead Road & Bridge, Prince George, BC

SCO / H & S Administrator

City of Wetaskiwin, AB

Development Technician

Building Permits Department – Nelson BC

Facilities Foreman

Buster Eurs – Garden Grove CA

Parks Superintendent

City of Apache Junction, AZ

Parks Supervisor – Administration

Town of Parker – Parks and Recreation

Follow Up Review After 6 Years Of Use

We use CityReporter only for inspection scheduling and inspection tracking. Noratek welcomes ideas and suggestions. At times, ideas are implemented immediately. Other ideas go into their future development basket and I have found often those ideas get added in future updates.

Noratek simply provides the best support of any software that I have ever used. Most support requests are acknowledged within a couple of hours (standard working hours) with answers offered at the time or quickly thereafter.

Unfortunately, we are required to use the corporate ERP solution, iCity. We use the iCity Building Permits module to track permit application and billing processes and CityReporter is used to track the inspections once the permit is issued. Lots of problems with iCity, nothing but praise for CityReporter. I wish I could abandon iCity and focus solely on CityReporter for all things permits.

The only improvement idea that I have suggested but has not been implemented is the need to define inspection checklists by permit type and not only by inspection. For example, a framing inspection for a new house permit is very different and more complex than framing for a deck permit. This requires two framing checklists to pair with the respective permit types. But this is a minor con that should not dissuade a decision to go with CityReporter.

Instant receipt of inspection reports by builders and owners is welcome by permit holders. Easy tracking of failed inspections.

- Rod L., Manager of Building & Chief Building Official Government Administration

District Digitizes Landfill Inspections

One regional district in British Columbia has put CityReporter’s facility inspection module to work in their waste management division. District staff are able to easily conduct inspections of transfer stations, landfills, and recycling depots on their mobile devices, even in remote areas with no cellular service.

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, located in the Central Interior of British Columbia, is using CityReporter to save time during their regular inspections of landfills, transfer stations, and recycling depots.

For several years, the Regional District had been using CityReporter to inspect their recreation facilities and community halls. Staff within the district began looking for other ways they could use the inspection software and came up with the idea of using it to handle waste management inspections.

“The CityReporter module for facilities is very flexible,” explained Pamela Liu, the client support liaison who helped the Regional District throughout the setup process. “All they needed to do was create several custom checklists and then set up each landfill, transfer station, and recycling depot as a location.”

“In this particular case, the Regional District staff were adapting their existing inspection process to a checklist-based process, but if a local government had existing checklists and paper forms they could easily enter those same questions into CityReporter to get started.”

Employees of the Regional District can now inspect all waste management operations using smartphones and tablets, thereby eliminating the need for data entry back at the office. The software works even when used in the many remote locations they serve.

Any locations with safety hazards are automatically highlighted in red, making it easy for management to see which areas need attention. At the end of the year, staff can run reports to see what operational problems cropped up most often, such as vector control, fire protection, public safety, or general housekeeping.

Faster Permit Times For St. John’s

The City of St John’s has implemented a new process for building permit inspections that will see inspections done more quickly and effectively. City inspectors will be equipped with CityReporter inspection software on their smartphones and tablets, which will allow them to complete and file reports electronically.

In May 2015, the City of St John’s, NL rolled out new technology to improve their building permit inspection process.

Building inspectors will begin using CityReporter on their smartphones and tablets to complete and file their reports electronically.

As a result, both the builders and the city inspectors will be able to go through the typical permit process much more quickly and effectively.

Thanks to this new technology, our inspectors will need to spend less time in the office, permits will be generated more quickly and deficiencies will be reported faster so that they can also be acted upon in a timely manner – everyone benefits, from the City to the builder to the homeowner.

- Councillor Tom Hann

Village Now Has Building Permit Audit Trail

The smallest towns and villages are responsible for processing building permits and conducting thorough inspections of construction sites. The Village of Radium Hot Springs, a tiny location in BC, Canada, decided to adopt CityReporter to ensure a good audit trail for building inspections.

Arne Dohlen, a building inspector for the tiny Village of Radium Hot Springs, started using CityReporter in 2011 to process all the village’s building permits and handle all his building inspections. It’s proved to be a valuable tool over the years.

Dohlen has said that he believes the program will provide the Village of Radium Hot Springs with “a good audit trail” for building inspections. To learn more about the results from the Village of Radium Hot Springs, click the PDF icon above.

…the inspection program provides me with a comprehensive checklist of items to review at each stage of the inspection and easily allows me to append photos to the inspection files.

- Arne Dohlen, Approvals Officer

Park Supervisor Recognized For Safety Program

Mike Pigg, parks supervisor at the City of Billings, MT, was recently recognized as the 2015 Young Professional of the Year thanks to the playground safety program he implemented using CityReporter.

Mike was credited with developing and implementing a new playground safety program for the City of Billings. With more than 40 public playgrounds, the process required his team to document the equipment at each location and research a tool that would help them efficiently conduct their safety audits.

Pigg settled on CityReporter as his playground inspection tool of choice and his staff are now in the process of conducting thorough inspections of all the play equipment at each of Billings’ public playgrounds.

Park District Achieves Faster, Easier Reporting

More than 15 park districts across Illinois use tablets for their playground inspections. One supervisor explains what he likes about CityReporter and how it’s improved operations in his own department.

Wauconda Park District, located in Illinois, decided to try CityReporter after seeing it at the annual IAPD / IPRA conference.

Mark Ftacek, the administrative support supervisor, was responsible for implementing the new digital inspection process. He started by entering all the district’s parks, playgrounds, and sport fields into the software – then showed his team how to conduct regular monthly inspections using their mobile devices.

The methodical approach paid off. Ftacek is now able to run customized reports on everything from outstanding safety hazards to park vehicle repairs and has also found the digital system has eliminated his department’s paper waste and storage issues.

It has made reporting so much faster and easier and we have less paper waste for recording purposes. Overall it is a great program and I would recommend it to any agency that does safety and / or other reports / audits.

- Mark Ftacek, Administrative Support Supervisor

Wood Processing Plant Improves Dust Mitigation

After two sawmill explosions rocked the lumber industry in northern BC, one pellet plant decided to implement mobile inspection software to stay on top of daily wood dust inspections. The results of their pilot project are promising.

In 2012, deadly explosions in two sawmills in northern British Columbia, Canada, resulted in fatalities and increased scrutiny on the role wood dust plays in industrial accidents.

The primary agency for workplace safety in the province, WorkSafe BC, now conducts regular wood dust inspections in mills across the province. Individual plants are also stepping up their ownership of the wood dust issue by doing their own daily inspections and providing the results to WorkSafe BC in a weekly report.

Still, the sawmills struggle with the amount of employee time and paperwork involved in inspecting every surface throughout the plant for wood dust. One plant in particular has turned to technology to assist them with the process.

Premium Pellet Ltd has been using CityReporter for about 5 months now for our dust inspections. […] We feel that this system allows good tracking of inspections and follow-ups to assure all levels of management that our plant is kept clean at all times.

- Frank Wall, Operations Manager

CityReporter: Transforming Taylor Risk Solutions with Efficiency and Support

I am the owner operator of Taylor Risk Solutions a Risk Management Firm located in Saskatchewan, Canada.  

In our business, the need to provide timely reports is critical and the platform that City Reporter provided checked all the boxes.  The tablet-based platform allows us to gather the necessary information, generate a professional report, with 90% of the report completed when we leave the client’s place of business.  This not only meets the needs of our clients, but also provides a strong return on our investment.  

When we discovered CityReporter, the staff were very knowledgeable and immediately helpful with our situation. We saw the value right away. When I made the move and started my company, one of the first tasks was to reach out to Noratek Solutions and begin the process of purchasing CityReporter to perform my risk evaluations and inspections. The whole purchasing process was quick and easy, while still being very detailed and informative.  

Whenever I require support, I can reach out directly to my Account Executive or Nortek’s support line and the issue or problem I am having is resolved quickly and most times in the same day. 

I would highly recommend CityReporter.  

Town buildings and a road

More Results to Expect

Highway Contractor Eliminates Paper

In the Province of British Columbia, highway maintenance is outsourced to contractors. To prove they are are fulfilling their obligations, contractors are required to provide the government with documentation showing their work meets required quality standards. That takes a lot of paperwork.

Yellowhead Road & Bridge was one such contractor.

“In their own words, they used to deal with ‘a massive amount of paperwork’,” recalls Steven Findlay, president of Noratek Solutions. “Their inspectors needed dozens of different forms for every inspection. Imagine carrying binders with hundreds of sheets of paper along with you on your highway inspection. That’s what they used to do.”

Implementing Digital Inspections

“The majority of our user base had little technological experience, but they were able to quickly grasp onto this concept and incorporate this function into their daily operations,” stated Greg Poitras, who led the implementation. “This process, and the resulting database, enables all users and management to utilize incredible amounts of field inspection data.”

… allows us to collect our field data and associated pictures digitally, thus eliminating a huge paper processing function for our organization. This new data collection program was widely accepted by all users and deemed to be relatively easy to use.

- Greg Poitras, Yellowhead Road & Bridge

Building Official Reduces Town’s Risk

The Town of Qualicum Beach implemented building inspection software as part of a pilot project… and improved their processes so much they were featured in a case study put together by BlackBerry.

Mark Eshpeter is a registered building official who worked for the Town of Qualicum Beach, BC for years. He first started conducting inspections on his tablet in 2009 as part of a pilot project. It’s been part of his daily life ever since.

In addition to helping him conduct methodical, consistent inspections, Mark appreciates the ability to use his tablet to take photos and attach them his inspection records right inside the building inspection software. “This greatly reduces the likelihood of uncertainties after construction with the contractors and home owners,” he explained.

…it is important to know, for sure, that critical inspection processes are being done on time, documented in writing, and verified with digitally embedded photographic proof of the deficiency and corrective action.

- Mark Eshpeter, Building Official

Permit Department Now Has Thorough Documentation

One building department in BC, Canada used to struggle with inefficiencies, lost paperwork, and expensive multi-part forms. Since implementing inspection software on their tablets, their paper-based problems are a thing of the past.

One problem with paper forms? They can get lost. Robert Blain, Technological Services Manager for the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, sent us a letter detailing what sorts of inefficiencies their building and planning department had in the past when doing building inspections.

The regional municipality has been using CityReporter for building permit inspections since 2012. After seeing positive results, they have begun using the inspection software in other departments as well.

With our old paper-based system we struggled with lost forms, having to print photos to insert in building files, and purchasing expensive multi-part forms […] All of these problems are now a thing of the past. Our files are now complete, legible, and have photos to document our findings.

- Robert Blain, Technological Services Manager

City Now Continuously Monitors Playgrounds

The City of Colton’s Bill Smith has both a CPRP and CPSI designation. He knows what’s critical when it comes to keeping his playgrounds and recreational facilities in top condition. According to Bill, CityReporter meets his maintenance reporting needs in several ways.

Bill Smith, the current city manager for City of Colton, CA, knows what he’s talking about when it comes to parks and recreation. With a Masters of Public Administration and both his CPRP and CPSI designation, he knows what it takes to keep the city’s parks and playgrounds safe and well maintained.

Back in 2013, Smith learned about CityReporter and began using the inspection software for playground safety inspections and facility maintenance inspections in his city.

Smith goes on to share the results he’s seen – click the PDF icon to read the letter he sent us. At the end of the day, he “whole-heartedly recommends considering CityReporter for your maintenance reporting needs.”

I use CityReporter to assist with inspection of our city playgrounds, providing checklists, documenting compliance, noting repair & maintenance concerns, and keeping files for each of our facilities.

- Bill Smith, MPA, CPRP, CPSI

City Finds Going Digital Is “Easy”

Located in British Columbia, Canada, the City of Campbell River began using CityReporter’s park inspection module in order to reduce their risk of liability. After three short months, they were able to report that they had already seen improvements in the efficiency and consistency of their park inspections.

Even better, they found the switch from traditional paper-based forms to CityReporter was easy.

The transition from paper to electronic has been easy and Noratek has provided us with excellent customer support. I would recommend CityReporter to any organization involved with inspection reports.

- Grant Parker, Parks Supervisor

Development Services Saves Money

Located in British Columbia, Canada, the City of Castlegar was looking for ways to improve the way they conducted their building inspections. After trying CityReporter’s mobile inspection software, they were impressed and decided to make the switch.

Since then, Castlegar has reduced their departmental expenses strictly because CityReporter eliminated the majority of their paperwork. They no longer need to print documents, use microfiche, or pay for storage facilities. As an added bonus, going paperless helped the city meet their “go green” initiative.

Beyond the cost savings it has helped our city with our Go Green strategy and makes doing the inspection process quicker and more consistent.

- Phil Markin, Director of Development Services

Park District Saves $4,000 Annually

Back in 2011, the Zion Park District wasn’t too sure about switching to CityReporter. They had a number of existing problems – misfiled or missing reports, incomplete inspections, and high transportation costs – but their maintenance supervisor didn’t like computers at all and thought using inspection software would be frustrating.

Fast forward to 2013. Thanks to support from the CityReporter team and some park employees who were enthusiastic about going digital, Zion Park District made the change after all!

The park maintenance supervisor now finds that using CityReporter’s inspection software is almost a second nature to him. As a result, the district has been able to save about $4,000 annually, and that’s after counting the cost of the annual license.

When I first pitched this idea to our maintenance supervisor he was skeptical as he does not like to use computers. He found an employee who embraced the idea and has helped him […] Now he can pull up any park on his computer, see what needs to be done, and get the fix started.

- Tom Angelos, Safety Coordinator

Fire Chief Getting More Inspections Done

After seeing a fellow fire chief use an iPad for fire prevention inspections, Burns Lake fire chief Jim McBride decided to give the new technology a try.

As the Director of Protective Services for a small village in the north-central interior of BC, Canada, he had many priorities to juggle and couldn’t afford to waste time on inefficient processes. The time savings were significant and Jim McBride now uses an iPad mini for all his fire inspections.

Park District Cuts Paperwork By 50%

Sandwich Park District, located in Illinois, is responsible for maintaining 9 parks and 1 facility with a small staff. In 2012, they began using CityReporter in order to streamline their operations and get more done with a limited amount of resources.

Over the next 12 months, they were able to reduce the amount of time spent on park inspection paperwork by 50%, thus freeing up their staff to work on more important tasks.

Download the case study below to gain insight on what Sandwich Park District did in order to minimize the time spent on inspection paperwork. You’ll come away with ideas for doing more with less in your own department.

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