Enhance Facility Management, Inspections, & Scheduling

CityReporter’s innovative software provides local governments and organizations with the infrastructure to track, improve, and resolve efficiency and risk management issues easily from anywhere

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Navigating change Management

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Efficient & Easy-to-use

Instant documentation, communication, and reporting

Discover the untapped potential of your organization with the benefits of implementing digital inspections, reporting, and automated communication systems for your facilities.

Our self-service Concern Portal is designed to provide a seamless and efficient work order management through its internal and external platforms.

Our external platform allows citizens to easily report concerns, providing valuable information like GPS coordinates and attached photos for greater clarity and quality of service. Our internal platform streamlines interdepartmental work orders, fostering transparent communication and collaboration for a more efficient response to maintenance requests and concerns, saving time and enabling effective resolution.

One app for all your needs

Modernize processes to accomplish more with less

Elevate your facility maintenance with CityReporter’s Facility Management software and experience the power of digital inspections, real-time scheduling, and state-of-the-art GIS mapping.

Discover the power of an extensive range of stock forms and a customizable form builder, allowing you to create personalized solutions for your facility needs.

Streamline event and location operations with our facility rental scheduler, complete with a seamless pre- and post-event inspection process.

Visualize and efficiently manage your locations and assets with our integrated mapping and GIS feature, providing you with a user-friendly interface to easily view and navigate your facilities on a map.

Fire Equipment
Manufacturing Sites
Housing Units
Work Orders
Ongoing Maintenance
Event Rentals & Scheduling
Stationary Assets
Vehicles & Equipment
Staff & Devices
Comprehensive Visual Organization

View and Manage Assets with GIS

Harness the power of CityReporter’s Asset and GIS Mapping components to visually manage your facilities and inspections. Experience having comprehensive documentation at your fingertips, while you track mobile, linear, and point assets on an interactive map.

CityReporter’s live vehicle tracking provides you with real-time management of all your mobile vehicles or assets. From the direction of travel to speed, plow up/down, and other vital information, our comprehensive tracking features have got you covered.

Find out how to effortlessly meet local and national regulatory requirements by using CityReporter.