Park & Playground Inspection, Management & Tracking Software

CityReporter’s innovative software allows local governments to track, improve, and resolve efficiency and risk management issues easily from anywhere.

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Inspections completed from anywhere

Detailed Inspections. Completed Rapidly. Using Your mobile device.

Having one source that both logs and stores all information necessary for park and playground safety inspections expedites the inspection process. This ensures no maintenance tasks slip through the cracks.

Without routine inspections and maintenance, there’s a higher chance of initial or repeat injury. CityReporter software ensures all record keeping of parks and recreation maintenance is held to a consistent standard regardless of location.

Using a smartphone or tablet, the entire inspection, management, and maintenance process is much easier for crews. This makes for safer parks and happier communities.

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Innovative Risk Management and Record-Keeping

CityReporter’s inspection management software will streamline workflow by automatically updating your team members about upcoming inspections, backing up files to the cloud after inspections, and instantly compiling logged facts into a concise e-report which can be emailed to anyone at any time.

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A tightly integrated Work Order module provides the ability for inspectors to easily generate Work Orders based on identified faults.
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Color-coded symbols correspond to issues or hazards
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Instant increased awareness of pre-issue detailing
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Automated and electronically stored reports
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Easy access or post-issue information for all workers
One App For All Community Needs

Safe Parks and Playgrounds Require Accurate and Responsive Maintenance

To ensure public safety, government departments need to access, store and document countless forms and reports. Without a software solution, it’s difficult to keep track of the right documentation and maintain consistency with inspection performance.

CityReporter is an innovative inspection management solution for local governments, streamlining the inspection process.

By simply checking the app, you can see what is needed where and how urgently, making it easier for crews to fix problems quickly and efficiently.

This groundbreaking technology ensures standardized performance across districts so that no park, playground, or outdoor facility is overlooked or neglected. This establishes a reliable health and safety standard for all park users.

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Keeping full documentation of pre-and post-issue detailing with CityReporter lets maintenance crews work smarter.