Efficiently Maintain Sports Fields & Stadiums

Discover the software solution that ensures the unmatched maintenance and safety of your sports fields, courts, and stadiums for the entire community to enjoy.

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Enhance workflow management for your sports facilities

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Optimize Maintenance & Operations

Keep your Sports and Events Facilities Safe & Clean

CityReporter software has a wide array of features that are specifically designed to streamline your operations and optimize the efficiency of your sports facilities.

With CityReporter, you can unlock the full potential of our extensive collection of stock forms, tailored specifically for sports facilities and turf maintenance, or customize to your specific needs with our form builder. Eliminate tedious paperwork and embrace the simplicity of digital solutions.

Effortlessly manage facility rentals with our user-friendly scheduler, equipped with a comprehensive pre- and post-event inspection process. Guarantee a seamless and transparent experience for both renters and staff members alike.

Immerse yourself in the convenience of mapping and GIS technology, enabling you to effortlessly view and oversee the locations and assets of your facility on a comprehensive map. Stay in complete control at all times.

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Visual Turf Inspections

Conduct Turf Maintenance & Ice Taps On A Map

CityReporter’s turf maintenance and ice taps forms offer a convenient way to input data directly onto a field/arena map, ensuring regulation compliance.

These visually compelling forms will revolutionize the way you manage and record data, ensuring unparalleled efficiency, pinpoint accuracy, and seamless documentation throughout your entire data input process.

Experience a transformation in how you maintain and monitor sports field maintenance, with these state-of-the-art forms that guarantee optimal safety performance and transparent record-keeping.

A public works employee conducting a ice tap inspection on an ice rink using inspection software to map the data
Instant Recordkeeping with Accuracy

Efficiently Produce and Retrieve Necessary Data

Discover the untapped potential of your organization with the revolutionary benefits of implementing digital inspections, reporting, and automated communication systems for your sporting facilities.

Experience the benefits of streamlined communication with CityReporter’s internal and external Concern Portals, ensuring efficient documentation and maintenance.

Our external platform allows citizens to easily report concerns, providing valuable information like GPS coordinates and attached photos for greater clarity and quality of service. Our internal platform streamlines interdepartmental work orders, fostering transparent communication and collaboration for a more efficient response to maintenance requests and concerns, saving time and enabling effective resolution.

A well-maintained baseball diamond

Find out how to effortlessly meet local and national regulatory requirements by using CityReporter.