MuniPro: Empowering Small Local Governments

Discover the power of MuniPro—an all-in-one, cost-efficient suite designed for seamless municipal operations for municipalities with populations under 20,000.

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An all-in-one package

Tailored for Smaller Municipalities

Explore how CityReporter’s MuniPro Suite empowers municipalities with populations under 20,000! With a reduced price and unlimited user access, this suite seamlessly unifies departments, fostering unparalleled collaboration. Tailored for smaller municipalities, it streamlines operations across inspections, work orders, permits, and more. Enhance efficiency, eliminate silos, and improve communication. Invest in your community’s future with a solution that maximizes resources. CityReporter’s MuniPro Suite brings unity to municipal operations, empowering communities for sustainable growth.

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What’s Included

Elevate municipal efficiency with CityReporter’s MuniPro Suite, offering a reduced price with savings up to 19%

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User-friendly Municipal Software

Effortlessly meet regulatory requirements with user-friendly software that tracks, records, and maintains your specific inspection, work order, and asset tracking needs.

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Efficient & Optimized Workflow

Improve and modernize your city’s processes and communication with our entire suite of solutions at your fingertips.

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Unlimited Users

Get the advantage of unlimited users, ensuring seamless collaboration and accessibility for all involved in municipal operations.

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