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CityReporter’s revolutionary permit software completely transforms the permit process, allowing you to effortlessly handle applications, inspections, and communication, complete with a user-friendly portal that includes seamless payment processing for your citizens.

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Optimize Organization & Management

Enhanced Workflow Flexibility & Efficiency

Traditional paper-based systems inadvertently waste valuable time and resources by burdening inspectors with repetitive administrative tasks, diverting their attention away from the actual inspection process.

CityReporter’s comprehensive features are specifically designed to streamline the administrative aspects of permits, liberating time and resources for every member of the department to prioritize what truly matters – the safety and well-being of the public.

With CityReporter technology, you can effortlessly stay up-to-date on the current permit status of every building, preventing any unnecessary repetition, oversight, or omission of crucial steps in the process. Moreover, scheduled building inspections and updates seamlessly integrate with your Outlook calendar, ensuring that you are always well-informed and proactive.

A Building Official using CityReporter's mobile software to manage planning and development
Mobile Access with Self-service

Immediate Documentation & Communication

Our clients’ top priority is to streamline their applications and enhance client interactions. To address this, we have developed an integrated citizen self-service portal that enables your clients to effortlessly apply for permits online and conveniently make payments through our secure payment gateway.

With mobile devices, managing inspections, scheduling appointments, and addressing any potential code violations or concerns can now be easily logged and stored in a single accessible location. This not only simplifies processes but also maximizes productivity across multiple locations.
Enjoy a streamlined application process, enhanced communication, and superior service for your valued citizens.

Three planning and development employees working on a building project

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