Loss Control & Risk Management Education

We’re here to assist you with every step of the way, and that’s why we offer loss control and risk management services and resources. Our industry experts have developed a wide-ranging curriculum based on the requirements of codes, standards, and regulations. Whether you are interested in building a foundation of knowledge or are looking for a refresher, our educational video library and training workshops provide you with comprehensive information to mitigate risk and reduce costs. We’re committed to supporting you in your journey towards safety and success!

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Personal Training Workshops for Local Government and Organizations

In-person or Virtual

Comprehensive Education
for Essential Areas

Effective inspection, testing, and maintenance programs require a comprehensive understanding of your specific challenges, potential risks, and overall responsibilities for each location and asset you own. Without a proper understanding, municipalities and organizations can miss important information, which can lead to loss or injury.

Many organizations recognize that they need these programs but are not equipped with the complete knowledge and experience that are necessary to have an effective program. We have developed personal training workshops that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements to help guide you and provide you with an optimal maintenance program.

Our experts work hands-on with you to enhance your skills regarding inspections, audits, and more.

Training Workshops
Fire protection symbol
Risk Hazard Assessments for fire prevention, liability, & safety
Two hands providing health safety
Occupational Health & Safety Program Development
A Fire Extinguisher
Fire Protection Equipment Inspections & Maintenance
A worker wearing personal protective equipment for workplace safety
Safety Program Development for Shops, Labs, Facilities, & More
GPS pinpoint
Location & Asset Inspection Programs

Educational Content Library

Our content library comprises a wide range of resources, including free training videos, whitepapers, guides, and more, designed to assist you in establishing and enhancing your inspection program. These materials cover various critical aspects related to risk management and loss control for local government and other organizations. Ensure you have access to all the tools required for a more effective and secure program.

Fire Code & Due Diligence

Discover our video on proactive steps in fire prevention and compliance.

Documents & Resources

Explore our video on documents and resources for loss control and risk management.

Duty of Care

Discover the importance of Duty of Care in our concise video. Learn how it defines you responsibility to ensure the wellbeing and safety of others.

Emergency Response & Mitigation Planning

Understanding Public Works Role: Effective Operations Management for Emergencies

Preparing For The Cold Of It

Essential procedures to safeguard facilities and the systems during the winter.

Navigating Change Management

Insights to help organizations smoothly implement transformative changes.