An Affordable, Customizable & Easy to use Permit Management Software with an Integrated Online Portal

CityReporter will help you manage your permits from application through to finalizing including a portal with integrated payment processing for your citizens.

Expediting numerous processes to allocate resources to more pressing concerns, and delivering superior transparency amongst team members.

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Helping You Focus On What Matters

CityReporter is the Perfect Solution to Manage your Building Permit Process

Municipalities everywhere are looking for smarter updates for their building permit process due to:

  • Insufficient staff to handle increasing workloads
  • Backlogs created by outdated paper methods
  • Simple cases of human error

CityReporter provides a software solution to improve and modernize your department’s permit process. With the permit management software, you can create and manage permits from initial application to building inspection through to final occupancy.

Streamlining applications and client interactions are at the forefront of our clients concerns. As such we have an integrated citizen portal allowing your client’s to apply for permits online and even pay their fees through our payment gateway.

With all the information available on smartphones or tablets, inspection management, scheduling, and any potential code violations or concerns can be logged and stored in one convenient and easily accessible place, maximizing productivity across locations.

A Building Official reviewing development plans and inspections
Stay Organized

Optimize Workflow Flexibility to Meet Specific Building Needs

All of CityReporter’s features are designed to streamline the administrative aspects of permits, which frees up time and resources so all members of a building inspection team can focus on what truly matters – public health and safety.

CityReporter technology shows the current permit status of every building so you can avoid repeating, missing, or skipping critical steps in the process. Scheduled building inspections and updates can be synced to your Outlook calendar, keeping you informed and proactive.

Old paper-based systems unintentionally waste time and resources with repeated administrative tasks, backing up projects as inspectors have to spend more time focusing on tracking down information than actually inspecting the building.

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Improved Resource Allocation: Get More Done in Less Time

With improved resource allocation, building inspection teams have more time to focus on what is really important. Projects are able to be completed closer to the deadline and unnecessary cost is eliminated.

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With e-filing, everything is stored in one convenient place that can be accessed from anywhere, meaning both time and resources can be better spent serving the customer.

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No Delays

By eliminating delays and fast-tracking inspections, teams can maximize work schedules and provide a reliable, dependable service to the community.

Find out how CityReporter expedites inspection efficiency during municipal building permit and construction inspections.