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Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Quick video walkthrough on fire extinguisher inspection—ensure your equipment is up to code and ready for action.

Fire Code & Due Diligence

Fire Code and Due Diligence essentials in a quick, informative video—your go-to guide for property compliance and safety.

Documents & Resources

Explore CityReporter’s documents and resources in a quick video overview. Maximize your efficiency with our comprehensive tools and resources.

Duty of Care

Explore Duty of Care in a short video—raising safety standards with CityReporter.

Fire Prevention & Code Enforcement

Catch a brief video on Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement—essential insights for maintaining a safe and compliant environment.


Explore our brief video on Playground Safety—essential tips for creating a secure and enjoyable play environment. Learn key insights to ensure your spaces meet the highest safety standards.

Public Works

Dive into the world of Public Works in our quick video overview. Gain insights into the efficient management of infrastructure and services that keep our communities running smoothly.

Planning & Development

Discover the essentials of Planning and Development in our concise video. Get insights into effective strategies for shaping the future of your community through thoughtful urban planning and development.

Risk Management

Explore the fundamentals of Risk Management in our concise video. Learn key strategies to identify, assess, and mitigate risks effectively, ensuring a secure path for your organization.

Intro Video

Welcome to our Video Library! Discover quick, insightful videos covering loss prevention, risk management, safety, and compliance. Gain essential insights for seamless operations and enhanced understanding. Let the learning begin!