Install CityReporter on Android Tablets and Phones

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet.

2. Search for “cityreporter”, as shown (no spaces).

3. Find CityReporter in the results. Then tap on the dots and Install, as shown.
Install Android app

4. Tap the Accept button. (CityReporter needs access to these functions on your device to work properly.)
Install Android app

5. You will see that CityReporter is in the process of installing.
Install Android app

6. Once it has finished installing, CityReporter can then be opened. Look for the CityReporter icon on your home screen.

7. Open CityReporter on your mobile device. Choose your country, then enter the city code, username, and password you were provided when we set up your account. Click the Configuration button. CityReporter will begin setting up your account for the first time, which may take a few minutes.

8. When the message “Refresh is complete” appears, tap Back at the top left to return to the login screen. Tap the Login button, then select Phone or Tablet as the Device Type.