Overview of Permit Statuses

The Permits & Construction module enables you to track building Permits from the initial application through to finalization (see How To Create a New Permit Application). If you do not wish to process Permit applications in CityReporter, you have the option of creating Permits with the status already set to ‘Issued’ (see How to Create a New Permit).

A Permit can be one of the following statuses at different stages of the process:

Application – The initial status of a newly created building Permit Application.

Not Approved – The status of an Application that has not been approved.

Under Review – Indicates the Application is complete and ready for the Building Inspector to review. The Preliminary inspection may be performed, and Permit fees may be entered.

Approved for Issue – the Preliminary inspection has been approved, and fees are ready to be collected.

Issued – indicates all fees have been paid, and the project can proceed. The Inspector performs the required inspections associated with the Permit.

Finalized – all required inspections are complete and have been accepted by the Inspector.

Canceled – a Permit may be canceled for a variety of reasons at any time in the process.