Payment Gateway Settings for the Permit Application Portal

To accept payments through the CityReporter permit application portal, you must set up an account with one of our supported payment gateways. Account settings needed for compatibility with CityReporter are listed below. Also see the Payment Setup section in our tutorial How To Set Up the Permit Application Portal.


Authorize.Net Account Settings

In the Account > Settings section, configure the following options for compatibility with CityReporter:

  • Email Receipts
    • Enable Email Confirmation: check the box for “Email transaction receipt to customer (if email address is provided)”
  • Security Settings
    • Enhanced Card Code Verification: check the box for “Enable Filter” if you want to verify card codes. If enabled, you must also enable the “Credit card CCV required” option in CityReporter under Portal Setup.
      • N Does NOT Match: set to “Decline”



Bambora Account Settings

Under Administration > Account Settings > Order Settings, the following options are required for compatibility with CityReporter:

  • Payment Gateway
    • Restrict Internet Transaction Processing Types: enable and set to “Purchase only”
    • Require hash validation on all Payment Gateway transaction requests:
      • Hash key: enter the hash value assigned to your account
      • Hash algorithm: set to “SHA-1”
    • Include hash validation in Transaction Response Page redirection and Payment Gateway Response Notification: must be enabled

Administration > Account Settings > Email Receipts:

  • Receipt Template
    • From: enter your municipality name
    • From address: set to a “no reply” email address
    • Subject: enter an email subject, e.g. “Receipt for payment of permit fees”
    • Send Message: set to “Yes”
    • Template Type: set to “custom”
    • Receipt Template: Remove the “SHIP TO:” fields and remove the “PRODUCT INFO:” field

Administration > Configuration > Payment Form:

  • Payment Settings
    • Transaction Type: set to “Purchase”
    • Allow Returns: set to “No”
    • Include Shipping Address: set to “No”
    • Allow Price Modification: set to “No”
    • Allow frame embedding: set to “Yes”


Moneris Gateway

Moneris Account Settings

In the Moneris Checkout Configuration, the following options are required for compatibility with CityReporter:

  • Checkout Type: set to “Use Moneris Checkout for the complete set of online payment forms”
  • Order Summary (Cart): enable “Order Summary (Cart) details”
  • Customer Details: enable “Customer’s Personal Details”
    • First Name: set to “Mandatory”
    • Last Name: set to “Mandatory”
    • Phone: set to “Mandatory”
    • Email: set to “Mandatory”
    • Billing Address: must be enabled
    • Shipping Address: must be disabled
  • Multi-Currency: must be disabled
  • Payment:
    • Google Pay: must be disabled
    • Transaction Type: set to “Purchase”
    • Tokenize Card: must be disabled
  • Branding & Design:
    • Customizations: “Enable Full Screen” must be disabled
  • Order Confirmation:
    • Order Confirmation Processing: set to “Use Moneris”
    • Confirmation Page Content: enable “Order ID” and “Customer Info”
  • Email Communications:
    • Email Contents: enable “Order Info”, “Customer Info”, and “Payment Info”
    • Customer Emails: enable “Approved Transactions” and optionally enable “Declined Transactions”