Permits & Construction Module General Options

Under the setup menu, you are able to edit a variety of general settings that will apply to your entire module.

1. Log into CityReporter on the web using your city code, username, and password. Select the Permits & Construction tab on the left, then click the Setup button at the top of the screen, as shown.

2. The following general settings are available to edit:

  • Ref Number Generator – if enabled, new permits are automatically assigned a permit number with the chosen prefix
  • Defaults
    • Select the number of months to backdate the permit list in the Summary table
    • Select the status of Permits when imported from another system
    • Select the default start times and durations for the Scheduler tool
  • Inspection Email/Mobile Reports – check the options you would like included in the report emailed to owners/contractors and printed from the mobile app
  • Default Permit Expiry Settings
    • Select the number of months used to calculate a new Permit’s expiry date
    • Select the number of days before a Permit expires to send an email notification to a user (set the user’s email address in the “Expired” field of the Permit Status Notification List)
    • Select the Permit status used to calculate the expiry date on new Permits
  • Permit Status Notification List – Enter email addresses for who should be notified for each type of status change.
  • Indemnity Clause – Enter the text that will be printed at the bottom of a Permit. Enable the option “Include Indemnity Clause on Detail Report” to also print the text at the bottom of inspection reports.

6. Click the Save button (floppy disk button at bottom right) when done.