Permits & Construction: Reports Screen

There are several reports available to help you review permit records. To access reports, click the Reports button on the left side of the Permit Management screen.

1. Select one of the following reports from the dropdown menu:

  • Permit Stats has 4 types of reports to choose from:
    • Stats Can Report
    • BC Stats Report
    • Council Summary Report
    • Council Detail Report
    • Building Stats Report
  • Permits Expiring
  • Expired Permits
  • Permits With No Activity
  • Permit Inspection Count
  • Permit Inspection Count Detail
  • Permit Status History
  • Permit Detail Report
  • Building Permit Submission to MPAC
  • ON Permit Sewage Construction
  • ON Permit Construction

2. Apply the filters you want (status, date range, etc.), and then click Run Report.

3. Depending on the report, it will output as either an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF document.