How To Prevent Filing Problems

When you tap the File button, CityReporter takes your inspection answers, comments, and photos and converts that data into a permanent inspection record that’s securely filed in the cloud. Follow these steps to ensure your inspections are filed successfully every time.

1. File using a strong connection.

When you tap the File button on your tablet or smartphone, CityReporter begins sending your inspections, notes, photos, and changes to the cloud where they are neatly organized by location and date.

If you file when you have a weak internet connection, it’s possible that only bits and pieces of your inspection record will make it from your mobile device to the CityReporter cloud. That can lead to an error message in the future.

To prevent filing problems, try to wait until you’re within reach of a better, stronger internet connection.


2. File all inspections on a daily basis.

Some organizations do inspections on an hourly basis. Some organizations do inspections that require dozens of photos. Regardless of your situation, if you continue to do inspections and forget to tap the File button, the hard drive on your tablet or smartphone will continue to fill with all your inspection records.

Once you do finally remember to file, CityReporter may have hundreds or even thousands of pieces of data to transmit from your mobile device to the cloud. That takes time – and as a result, your mobile device might take hours to fully transfer and file all your inspections. To prevent filing problems, don’t let a backlog of inspection records build up on your mobile device. It’s best if you file at least once a day.


3. File after finishing draft inspections.

If you have started an inspection and saved it as a draft, none of the other forma completed at that same location can be filed until you edit your draft inspection and either finish answering the questions or discard it.

To prevent filing problems, make sure you complete any inspections that you have saved as a draft… and then file all your records.