Roads & Highways: Summary Screen

Different types of inspections are grouped into tabs on the Summary Screen. These inspection groups may be built in to the software, such as the Surface, Drainage, and Winter groups. You can also create your own custom inspection groups as needed. Switch between inspection groups by clicking the tabs.

Searching For and Filtering Inspections

Under each tab is a table listing inspection records belonging to that group. You can search for an inspection or filter them in the table using the fields at the top of the table. Click the calendar icons to change the date range. After setting the search criteria, click Find to update the list of inspections.

Exporting Inspections

You can export the data from the inspections listed in the table to an Excel spreadsheet. Filter the table for the desired date range and other criteria, then click the Export button. Data for different inspection types will be separated into different worksheets in the Excel file.

Creating Inspections

Select an inspection form from the drop-down at the bottom of the screen and click the Create button to create a new inspection record. If you are a Mobile Only user, you will not see the Create button as that function is not available to you. Refer to our tutorial How To Create a Road Inspection on CityReporter Web for step by step instructions.

Deleting Inspections

Select an inspection record in the table, then click the Delete button at the bottom right of the screen, to delete the inspection record. A dialog box will pop up asking you to confirm. If you are a Mobile Only user, you will not see the Delete button as that function is not available to you.

Viewing and Editing Inspections

Depending on your user permissions, you may be able to edit inspections on the web or you may only be allowed to view inspection records. Click the View button next to an inspection in the table, or double-click on the table row, to view the inspection data. Mobile only users won’t be able to edit the inspection on the next screen. For other users, click the Edit button at the top left to edit the inspection data.

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