How To Set Up Building Permit Fees

Designating fees for permits is easy in CityReporter. There are several fee types to choose from, allowing you to reproduce your fee schedule in the software.

1. Log into  CityReporter on the web using your city code, username, and password, then select the Permits & Construction module on the left.

2. Click on Setup at the top of the screen.

2. Select the Fee Setup option button from the menu on the left.

3. In the Base Fees Setup tab, click on the +Create sign to create a new base fee. You have several options to select under the drop-down menu in Fee Type:

  • Fixed – a flat fee
  • Per Unit – fee is multiplied by the number of units
  • Application Fee – applies to a permit with the status Application
  • Discount – subtracts a percentage of the total fees
  • Refund – subtracts a fixed amount
  • Payment – subtracts a payment made by the client
  • Deposit – adds an amount collected as a deposit
  • Deposit Refunded – subtracts an amount returned to the client

Once you have decided on your type, enter a description and set the amount, e.g. enter “100” for a fixed fee of $100. This amount is a default value that can be overridden on the Fees tab of an individual permit if needed. Click Save (floppy disk icon at the bottom right) when done.

4. In the Construction Value Setup tab, click on the green plus sign to create a new fee based on the construction value of a permit. For each fee, you need to enter a description, an amount, and the range in which it applies. Choose one of these fee Types or use a mixture of them:

  • Fixed – charges a flat fee on the construction value that falls within the range
    • e.g. In the screenshot below, a fee of $1000 applies to the first $10,000 of construction value
  • Per 1000 – charges a fixed amount per $1000 of construction value in the range
    • e.g. In the screenshot below, a fee of $5 applies for every $1000 of construction value between $10,000 and $500,000 (the full $5 amount is charged for any portion of $1000)
  • Percentage – charges a percentage of the construction value within the range
    • e.g. In the screenshot below, a fee of 2% applies to the construction value between $500,000 and $1,000,000

5. To finalize your fee set up, select the Save icon. The fees are now available on the Fees tab of the Permit Editor.