Work Orders: Summary Screen

Different types of work orders are grouped into tabs on the Summary Screen. These work order groups may be built in to the software and integrated with other modules, such as the Parks & Playgrounds group. The Other group is for work orders not associated with another module. You can also create your own custom groups as needed. Switch between work order groups by clicking the tabs.

Searching For and Filtering Work Orders

Under each tab is a table listing work order records belonging to that group. You can search for work orders or filter them using the fields at the top of the table. Click the calendar icons to change the date range. By default, cancelled and completed work orders are not listed, but can be displayed by checking the “include” options. After setting the search criteria, click Find to update the list of work orders.

Exporting Work Orders

Data from the work orders listed in the table can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. Filter the table for the desired date range and other criteria, then click the Export button.

Updating Work Order Status

You can update the status of multiple work orders conveniently from the Summary Screen. Select an option from the drop-down in the Status column for each work order you wish to update, then click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Creating Work Orders

Click the Create button at the bottom of the screen to create a new work order. Refer to our tutorial How To Create a Work Order On CityReporter Web for step by step instructions.

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