Work Orders: WO Management Screen

Searching For and Filtering Work Orders

All work orders created in the past month are listed in the WO Management table. You can search for work orders or filter them using the fields at the top of the table. Click the calendar icons to change the date range. After setting the search criteria, click Find to update the list of work orders.

Work Order Editor

Double-click on a table row or click the Edit button to open a work order in the Work Order Editor. Additional info about the work order can be viewed in the Editor, and some of the fields can also be edited.

  • Assign To: Displays who the work order is assigned to. Select a name from the drop-down to reassign the work order to that user.
  • Status: Displays the current status of the work order (New, Pending, In Progress, On Hold, Cancelled, Completed). Select an option from the drop-down to update the work order’s status.
  • View Status History: Click this button to view when the work order’s status was updated.
  • Job: Click this button to view the Job form in a new window and edit it if desired.
  • Tasks: On the Tasks tab, the work order’s required tasks can be updated.

Click the Save button to save any changes made to the above fields.

Canceling a Work Order

Click the Cancel button next to a work order to update its status to Cancelled. A dialog box will pop up asking you to confirm.