High Fives

It’s a great feeling when we get to hear how CityReporter has helped a business or government group. We’ve been fortunate to have many positive messages sent our way written by managers and inspectors that outline how things have changed in their department since they implemented our solutions. Here are a few.

The Department of Environmental Services in Hamilton, Ontario, uses CityReporter to inspect 271 playground sites.
Seven inspectors, who run CityReporter on Apple Ipad Air tablet computers, have been using the system since 2017.
“We made the switch from paper because we needed to standardize the inspection process,” said senior project manager Caleb Gibbons. “We also wanted to ensure our inspection process was consistent, for accountability.”
Environmental Services had found its former paper-based reporting system to be unwieldy and inefficient.
“Reporting on completions for key performance indicators was nearly impossible,” said Gibbons. “And bringing up past inspections for potential litigation purposes was very difficult.”
Today Hamilton has improved accountability and customer service, and can show when a site was last inspected and what the inspector had found.
“We can track all of the inspections we’ve made and what faults were found, report on repairs that have been made and the replacements are being planned,” Gibbons said.

Senior Project Manager Hamilton, Ontario