In the Province of British Columbia, highway maintenance is outsourced to contractors. To prove they are are fulfilling their obligations, contractors are required to provide the government with documentation showing their work meets required quality standards. That takes a lot of paperwork.

Yellowhead Road & Bridge was one such contractor.

“In their own words, they used to deal with ‘a massive amount of paperwork’,” recalls Steven Findlay, president of Noratek Solutions. “Their inspectors needed dozens of different forms for every inspection. Imagine carrying binders with hundreds of sheets of paper along with you on your highway inspection. That’s what they used to do.”


Implementing Digital Inspections

“The majority of our user base had little technological experience, but they were able to quickly grasp onto this concept and incorporate this function into their daily operations,” stated Greg Poitras, who led the implementation. “This process, and the resulting database, enables all users and management to utilize incredible amounts of field inspection data.”

… allows us to collect our field data and associated pictures digitally, thus eliminating a huge paper processing function for our organization. This new data collection program was widely accepted by all users and deemed to be relatively easy to use.- Greg Poitras, Yellowhead Road & Bridge

Click on the PDF icon to learn what results Yellowhead Road & Bridge achieved after using CityReporter.

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