In 2012, deadly explosions in two sawmills in northern British Columbia, Canada, resulted in fatalities and increased scrutiny on the role wood dust plays in industrial accidents.

The primary agency for workplace safety in the province, WorkSafe BC, now conducts regular wood dust inspections in mills across the province. Individual plants are also stepping up their ownership of the wood dust issue by doing their own daily inspections and providing the results to WorkSafe BC in a weekly report.

Still, the sawmills struggle with the amount of employee time and paperwork involved in inspecting every surface throughout the plant for wood dust. One plant in particular has turned to technology to assist them with the process.


Premium Pellet Ltd has been using CityReporter for about 5 months now for our dust inspections. […] We feel that this system allows good tracking of inspections and follow-ups to assure all levels of management that our plant is kept clean at all times.
– Frank Wall, Operations Manager

Premium Pellet Ltd, located in Vanderhoof, BC, has launched a pilot project using CityReporter to see how the results compare with their traditional paper-based inspections. Read about the results they’ve seen so far by clicking on the PDF icon above. Frank Wall, their operations manager, sent a letter to our team describing his implementation.