Wauconda Park District, located in Illinois, decided to try CityReporter after seeing it at the annual IAPD / IPRA conference.

Mark Ftacek, the administrative support supervisor, was responsible for implementing the new digital inspection process. He started by entering all the district’s parks, playgrounds, and sport fields into the software – then showed his team how to conduct regular monthly inspections using their mobile devices.


Mark Ftacek, Administrative Support Supervisor”]It has made reporting so much faster and easier and we have less paper waste for recording purposes. Overall it is a great program and I would recommend it to any agency that does safety and / or other reports / audits.

The methodical approach paid off. Ftacek is now able to run customized reports on everything from outstanding safety hazards to park vehicle repairs and has also found the digital system has eliminated his department’s paper waste and storage issues.

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