Staff at the City of Lafayette in Colorado were attending a CPSI course when they heard about CityReporter. They thought they could use it to handle their playground inspections. If all went as planned, they would be able to eliminate the “stacks of paper inspections that were building up” in the parks office.

The parks department got more than they bargained for. In addition to conducting all their playground safety inspections with CityReporter, they were also able to use it to handle all their other maintenance inspections, too.


“Zack Juth, Parks Crew Supervisor” Since starting to use CityReporter three years ago we have been very impressed with what we are able to accomplish. Not only are we doing safety inspections of our playgrounds but also inspections of almost every aspect of our maintenance duties. CityReporter has helped us become more “pro-active” rather than “re-active”.

The parks crew supervisor now recommends the playground inspection software for any crews that need to do maintenance inspections. To see what other results he has seen from implementing this tool, click the PDF icon above.

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