Mention the name Ken Kutska to any Certified Playground Safety Inspector, and you’ll get a nod of recognition. As past president of NRPA, founder of the International Playground Safety Institute, and author of Playground Safety Is No Accident, Kutska is a legend in the parks and recreation industry.

Back in 2012, Kutska saw a demonstration of how CityReporter could be used to streamline the playground inspection process. He instantly saw the value of electronic inspection forms and records and wrote to the CityReporter team to share his thoughts. (click the icon below to view the full letter)


Ken Kutska, Director of International Playground Safety Institute…it is important to know, for sure, that critical inspection processes are being done on time, documented in writing, and verified with digitally embedded photographic proof of the deficiency and corrective action.

Mr. Kutska has granted Noratek Solutions permission to include his well-researched checklists within CityReporter and has also reviewed and approved the other playground inspection checklists within the software.

Having seen how the software helps managers “better utilize the limited resources at their disposal”, Ken Kutska continues to recommend CityReporter when providing CPSI training and when consulting with with contractors.

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