As an owner of a playground, you are responsible to ensure that the playground is safe and well maintained. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has defined maintenance and inspection requirements under standard CSA-Z614. Compliance with this CSA standard will help to reduce injuries on playground equipment.  The following is a summary of the points relevant to a school maintenance/inspection program:
  1. Installation
  • Equipment installation should be performed by qualified personnel (e.g. manufacturer or vendor).
  • Volunteer installations should not be permitted unless supervised by qualified personnel.
  • All newly installed equipment must be inspected by a qualified inspector prior to use.
  • Retain inspector’s report for future use.

2. Inspection/Maintenance

ScheduleDaily/Weekly: Visual inspection for broken glass, vandalism, animal droppings.  Replenish or rake ground cover.  This inspection should be conducted before students arrive in the morning, and can be performed by the Principal or a custodian.  The inspection and any corrective action should be logged in a daily journal.  Remove equipment from service (off limits) until repairs are completed. Notify Maintenance / Facilities or Custodian if any concerns are noted. Have a process in place, worker order or communications system, digitally documented inspections, work order and follow up.

  • Monthly: This is a more detailed inspection and must be recorded on an appropriate equipment checklist form. Any maintenance or repairs noted on the checklist should be acted on immediately and recorded when completed.
  • Annually:  This is a comprehensive audit of the playground site which should be conducted by a certified playground inspector.  Annual Audits should be provided as per current CSA standards.

3. Signage

Post appropriate signs identifying the owner and contact number in case of problems, as well as notice that the playground is inspected regularly. Signage – Name of Park, Standard built to, Age designed for, who to contact in an emergency, hours of operation. For help in setting up a “Digital Inspection” program that will meet all your needs. Or if you have any other questions Contact:

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