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Playground Inspections (Winter Preparation)
Learning Objective: To discuss the recommended inspection practices for preparing Playgrounds for winter conditions.
The requirements/recommended practices for inspections of playgrounds follows CSA Z614 “Children’s Playspaces and Equipment Standards”. The CSA further references recommended inspection and maintenance procedures for playgrounds. This document will discuss the recommended practices for playground inspections before winter.
A Playground should be inspected monthly and maintained according to the following factors
Design & Operation

  1. All Playgrounds should be installed according to the most current CSA standard.
  2. A “third party” detailed Playground Safety Audit should be in place on all equipment.
  3. Standard impact protection, sand, pea gravel, wood chips, rubber, etc. should be maintained at all times.
  4. Damaged equipment should be repaired or removed immediately to help prevent injury.
  5. Note: Winter conditions can reduce the effectiveness of impact protection due to frozen ground. Caution is advised.

Winter Preparation Inspection

  1. Monthly documented inspections should be provided for all playground equipment to ensure safety and performance.
  2. Have any changes taken place to the equipment that could affect the integrity of the playground structures.
  3. Is all playground equipment in good condition with no damage or missing pieces?
  4. Are all impact protection materials being maintained to appropriate depths to help minimize exposure to injury? (Winter conditions can reduce the effectiveness of impact protection)
  5. Is playground signage still provided for the playground?
  6. Have any changes occurred to the playground that may require immediate repairs or replacements?

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